By using high performance, environmentally friendly solutions, we clean and protect roofs, decks, patios, driveways, retaining walls and siding.


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Pressure washing aka Power washing is the most common method to clean staining caused by algae, fungi, and mold on sidewalks, patios, decks, and walls.  It is economical, and it gives instant results.  Unfortunately these results do not last.  Less than a year later, it is hard to tell that the surface was ever cleaned.  The reason is that organic creatures responsible for the staining are never removed.  A major drawback is the damage done to the surface from the use of too much pressure.  Using hot water helps reduce the pressure needed to remove the staining.



 Soft wash and hand wash methods give similar results to pressure cleaning but typically without the damage.  Sodium Hypochlorite does not kill the creatures (most commonly Gloeocapsa Magma) that produce the ugly black streaks.  It will however give a clean appearance for months.



 Eco Mold Go is a high performance broad spectrum concentrate that is biodegradable.  We believe this is the best solution for most staining issues.  One drawback however is that unlike pressure washing or Softwash, this method doesn’t give you an “instant clean” appearance.  Depending on the surface we can pair this with other methods to speed up the results.

Whatever level of clean you choose, we use best practices to achieve your goals. We have invested in the best equipment available to get the job done. By taking our time to properly prepare, we ensure the least amount of damage to your property. Some of these practices are using tarps to cover plants while spraying, properly hydrating plants before and after spraying, using hot water at low pressure and diverting water runoff if necessary.